“The most successful investment management firms have three core attributes—passion, discipline and a commitment to do the best for their clients.”


We have been immersed in investment management for a number of years and understand what it takes to create a successful firm. Our investment professionals have a passion for investing—we love stocks. We have an investment discipline, and we stick with it. We understand that we are fiduciaries—we are committed to doing what is best for our clients. And because our value proposition to our clients is our ability to generate good returns, we have created a corporate culture and structure that foster our core attributes in every professional who works here.

Our operating philosophy is centered around three core beliefs:

  • That active managers, in inefficient markets, can be successful at producing alpha;
  • That a disciplined investment process and small, focused teams can produce above—average returns; and
  • That our clients are partners in the investment process—we have the same ultimate goals.

We add value through our investing philosophy. Investing in small companies is the art of managing the unknown and forecasting the future. The investment process we have always used seeks to identify the risks in investing in a small company and identify which ones are within a management's control. Then we make an assessment based on experience and our view of the world—on how likely these risks are to become reality. We develop a thesis on a company and track that thesis closely. We use a multi-pronged process to do this.

We seek companies and themes with the potential to change the way the world thinks, works, and plays. It's why we concentrate on finding the key investment themes that will provide exceptional long-term opportunity. We then make sure we're positioned early in the companies that will benefit most from these themes.

Research and market expertise will be our barometer—helping us to identify critical inflection points early, so we can react accordingly. Our adherence to a strict sell discipline will add stability. It limits downside risk and increases the probability of capturing larger returns.

And we will always view our clients as long-term partners in the process of building wealth. We will aim to achieve this wealth by an unwavering commitment to our disciplined, research-focused investment process, which has been structured with one goal: delivering strong returns.

To make it all possible, we will create a culture that's faithful to the unorthodox wisdom and hyper-focus required for delivering excellence in small-cap investing.